introducing the Infinite Undies by @poppyundies exclusively for @shopinfinite ✨ as an eternal lover of “granny panties” i knew Emily @poppyundies and I had to create some magic together. we settled on this design inspired by a few of my tattoos 💕 many of my tattoos are astrological or celestial-inspired and these two designs are very special to me; seeing them come together on the cutest, comfiest undies just makes me over the moon 🌙 @poppyundies are made responsibly in LA in small batches, with high quality cotton and a bit of stretch for comfort — and featuring a high hip rise to hit all the right places. there will only be a handful of each size, landing on Tuesday the 17th at noon pst @shopinfinite 🌟
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2022-05-15 02:06:18