We throw around “living life to the fullest” as an arbitrarily “correct” way of being. But how does this manifest in reality? With this question in mind for our February Issue, the VOGUE team sat down with trailblazers within their respective industries to unpack their outlook on being “game”, staying motivated and overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges throughout their careers. Among them: 1. Lijia Xu, has not only channeled her love of her sport into Olympic gold medal wins, but has leveraged her passion experiences to “give people in sports a voice” as a sport journalist 2. Recently appointed Chairperson of Christie’s China, Rebecca Yang, has brought her rich background in media and extensive experience in documentary production to the fine art world. She sees the new challenge as a learning opportunity, and a chance to adapt oneself, rather than changing for a role. 3. Scholar and film expert, Jinhua Dai, is revered in China’s film establishment, but has recently taken a step into the popular streaming platform, Bilibili – initiating conversations with China’s Millenial and Gen-Z short-form content generators on the larger burning questions of how film and motion as a medium reflects society. “To me, film has always been an enticing medium that connects us to the world and to others. Acknowledging others also allows us to better understand ourselves.” To read more about these powerhouses, see VOGUE’s WeChat account and the pages of our February Issue. 徐佳丽 + 杨媛草: 摄影Photographed by Greg Lin @greg.lin 造型Styled by Danney Li 撰文Written by刘元博 CAROL LIU 戴锦华: 摄影 Photographed by 赵骅 @zhao__hua 撰文 Written by 闫夏 造型 Styled by 孙菁Vivienne Sun @ninivivi_、Koi Ning
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2022-01-15 16:04:13